Political Science Bachelors Degree

UT Tyler Department of Political Science

Undergraduate Program

The Department of Political Science at The University of Texas at Tyler provides students a comprehensive understanding of the problems and processes of politics. UT Tyler political science majors learn to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of American governmental institutions, law and policy.
  2. Describe and analyze major political theories and ideologies that are used to frame political discussions and explain the basic institutions of government and politics, including what they do in times of economic, political and social change.
  3. Describe and analyze global politics, including major theories, methods and findings that are used to explain and assess roles performed by citizens and governments.
  4. Describe and compare governments, demonstrating basic knowledge of a variety of approaches that are used to study governments, politics and cultures of other countries.
  5. Apply critical thinking and methodological skills to design and conduct research on problems in government, law, politics and/or policy, and to deal with real-world goals, events and developments at the local, regional, state, national and international levels.