Criminal Justice Undergraduate Degree

UT Tyler Division of Criminal Justice

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

As of Fall 2020, the Criminal Justice faculty are proud to present a brand new curriculum designed to provide students with the necessary skills and resources to achieve academic success, and to find gainful employment post-graduation. The newly revised Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice will support this mission by providing an innovative teaching and research environment, developed and implemented by faculty with diverse educational and practitioner experience. The new curriculum will include courses never before offered at UT Tyler, and incorporates both theoretical and applied elements into the classroom.

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at UT Tyler is a 120 hour degree that includes 42 credit hours being completed in the University Core Curriculum. While we encourage students to enroll at UT Tyler as freshmen, we are happy to accept core complete transfer students who finish their core courses at local junior colleges and other four year universities. With the new undergraduate curriculum, we have more lower-division course offerings for freshman and sophomore students, interested in exploring a new major. Additionally, for the first time ever we are proud to announce that CRIJ 1301 Introduction to Criminal Justice is part of the University Core Curriculum. This course can be counted for the CJ major and for the Social and Behavioral Sciences aspect of the core curriculum. To learn more about the degree requirements and which courses are being offered, please click here.

Degree Concentrations

The B.S. in Criminal Justice has expanded to allow students to choose more coursework that is interesting to them and beneficial to future career prospects. Students now have the ability to complete concentrations in the areas of Forensic Science, Juvenile Justice, Homeland Security, or a Generalist Concentration. Students may elect to take two concentration, or one concentration and an outside minor in a discipline of their choosing. We believe that students should have some say in their education, and should be able to take courses that will help them the most in achieving their goals. To learn more about the different criminal justice concentrations and to learn which ones would be a good choice for you, please click here.

Criminal Justice Minor

We also offer a Criminal Justice Minor for those students pursuing a bachelor's degree in other program areas. The Criminal Justice Minor is an 18 hour program where students can take courses in criminological theory, juvenile justice, and policing, among others. This minor would be an excellent match for those in Psychology, Political Science, History, Communications, or other similarly matched programs. To learn if the Criminal Justice Minor is right for you, please click here.

Forensic Science Minor

More recently, we have developed a Forensic Science Minor for those students who are interested in the applied side of Criminal Justice. The Forensic Science Minor is an interdisciplinary program in which students learn how Chemistry, Anthropology, Geography and Biology all come together to develop best practices in evidence collection, crime scene processing, expert testimony in court, and much more. This minor would be a fantastic match for those in Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, or other similarly matched programs. To learn if the Criminal Justice Minor is right for you, please click here.

Transfer Students

In the East Texas area, many of our students begin their collegiate careers at local junior colleges. We are excited that these students choose the UT Tyler Criminal Justice program as the place where they will finish their bachelor's degree. We want you to have as much information as possible about transferring over to UT Tyler, so we created a page just for you. On this page, you will learn about the differences in the programs, our expectations, and how to best succeed at UT Tyler. To learn more information about the transfer process, please click here

Interested in Becoming a Patriot?

After reading all about our program here at UT Tyler, we hope that you will come join us! We'd love to have you as a student and to be part of your success. If you still have questions about the undergraduate program here, please contact the Criminal Justice Undergraduate Coordinator, Dr. Jennifer Klein ( Or if you're ready to make the leap, then Apply Now!