UT Tyler College of Engineering

Dean's Office

College of Engineering

Javier Kypuros, Ph.D.
Dean's Suite: RBS 2004
Phone: 903-566-6121


Office of the Dean

Torey Nalbone, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Office: RBS 2003
Phone: 903-565-5520


Jacqueline Richardson
Administrative Services Officer
Office: RBS 2002
Phone: 903-565-6506


Jill Crist
Grants Coordinator
Office: RBS 2029
Phone: 903-566-6121


Carlos Alvarez
Assessment Analyst
Office: RBS 2007
Phone: 903-565-5798


Edward Farina
Lab Manager
Office: RBN 1023
Phone: 903-565-6511


Jennifer Scott
M.Ch.E., P.E.
Office: RBS 2030
Phone: 903-566-7040


Hanna Baker
Academic Advisor II
Office: RBS 2031
Phone: 903-566-7040


Amy Lively
Senior Director of Development
Office: RBS 2029
Phone: 903-566-7157


Mark Stark
Career Success Coordinator
Office: RBS 3014
Phone: 903-565-5935




Houston Engineering Center

Andres Garcia Ph.D.
HEC Director


Christine Smith
Administrative Assistant III


Letitia Heidelberg
Student Success Corrdinator


Wilfredo Alequin
Technology Support I


Myralee Sanabria
Academic Advisor


Tyler Armstrong
Academic Advisor


Alyzabeth Paul
Manager for Admissions and Recruitment




Department Chairs

Fernando Resende, Ph.D.
Chemical Engineering Chair
Office: RBN 2043
Phone: 903-565-6538

Michael McGinnis, Ph.D. PE.
Civil Engineering/Cnstruction Management Chair
Office: RBS 1005
Phone: 903-566-6121

Nael Barakat, Ph.D.
Mechanical Engineering Chair            
Office: RBN 3002
Phone: 903-566-7003

Hassan El-Kishy, Ph.D.
Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering
Office: RBN 2004
Phone: 903-565-5580