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Philosophy may be offered as a minor to satisfy requirements for certain bachelor's degree programs with majors in other fields. This program consists of 18 semester hours in philosophy, at least 12 of which must be upper division.

Philosophy Course Descriptions


PHIL 1301: Introduction to Philosophy [TCCN: PHIL 1301]

A survey of the major areas of traditional and modern philosophy: Philosophies of knowledge, ethics, logic, aesthetics, and metaphysics.

PHIL 2303: Introduction to Logic

The development of formal and symbolic systems for the analysis of arguments. The scope of this course will be modern logic, including truth-functional analysis, propositional calculus, and predicate calculus.

PHIL 2306: Introduction to Ethics [TCCN: PHIL 2306]

A survey of the basic principles of the human life with critical examination of traditional and current theories of the nature of goodness, happiness, duty, and freedom.

PHIL 3300: Approaches to Philosophy

A study of major areas of investigation in traditional and modern philosophy. Included are discussions of philosophies of knowledge, ethics, logic, aesthetics and metaphysics. Recommended for students who wish to take only one semester of philosophy.

PHIL 3330: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

A study of the major ideas of Eastern and Western philosophy from the pre-Socratics through the sixteenth century.

PHIL 3331: Modern Philosophy

A study of the main issues and movements in philosophy from the seventeenth century through the 20th century.

PHIL 4300: Studies in Philosophy

A study of such areas of philosophy as aesthetics, logic, metaphysics, and ethics. May be repeated when content changes.

PHIL 4330: Comparative Religious Philosophy

A study of traditional categories of the philosophy of religion with reference to such religions as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

PHIL 4199-4699: Independent Study

Independent study in specific areas of philosophy not covered by organized undergraduate courses. A maximum of six credit hours for independent study courses may be applied toward an undergraduate degree. Prerequisite: Consent of department chair.