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Undergraduate Teacher Program Options

UT Tyler Department of Literature and Languages

Teacher Certification

Candidates for elementary teaching certificates should pursue the bachelor of science degree in interdisciplinary studies or a standard academic major related to the Texas public schools curriculum. Candidates for secondary teaching certificates should pursue a standard academic major. For other certification requirements, consult the College of Education and Psychology section of this catalog.

Elementary Teaching Specialization

A. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 in Spanish courses, including a 2.0 average at this university
B. A minimum of 24 hours in Spanish, including at least 12 hours at UT Tyler, as follows:
Spanish 3335, 4331, and 4310
Spanish literature course: (3 hours)
Spanish electives: (14 hours--may include approved lower division courses)
  Total 26 Sem. Credit Hrs.

Secondary Teaching Specialization

A. Spanish as a single first teaching field: See list of required courses under Bachelor of Arts Requirements in Spanish.
B. Spanish as the first of two teaching fields: See list of required courses under Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements in Spanish.
C. Spanish as the second of two teaching fields: 32 hours in Spanish, 18 of which must be upper level, as follows:
SPAN 3335
SPAN 3345
SPAN 4310
SPAN 4331
SPAN 4385
Upper division Spanish
Spanish electives

  Total 32 Sem. Credit Hrs.
D. Spanish as a component in a language arts composite teaching field: 12 semester hours in Spanish. Specific courses will be determined in consultation with the Spanish advisor. For the other components in this specialization, see catalog sections on English, journalism, speech, reading and education.