Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Teaching and Learning

Teaching Resources for AI

AI Course Policies (Required as of Fall 2024)

All UT Tyler faculty must identify to what degree students may utilize artificial intelligence (AI) 
tools in their course. There are three basic categories for using AI tools, and the document below provides you with example statements for each category. These are suggestions; teachers can create a statement for appropriate use in their own course. You should consider the nature of the course, discipline, and student learning objectives when selecting the appropriate statement for 
your course. You need to be very clear about your expectations about appropriate use of AI 

All UT Tyler faculty (full and part-time) must include the required Artificial Intelligence Information language and one of the three categories of acceptable AI use for the course in all their syllabi. The required syllabus language has been pre-populated in the “University Policies and Information” section of the UT Tyler Syllabus Module. You must add the appropriate category of artificial intelligence language use for your course in the “About this Course” section of the UT Tyler Syllabus Module. If desired, you can repeat the required syllabus language when you specify the category and examples of appropriate AI use for your course.

Artificial Intelligence Language for Syllabi