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Model United Nations Program

The award-winning Model United Nations Program at The University of Texas at Tyler was established in 2006 to provide students a unique opportunity to engage in country studies, policy advocacy and develop knowledge regarding international relations issues such as: human rights, international law, humanitarian intervention, the environment, conflict resolution, and the role of science and technology in maintaining international peace. 

The UT Tyler Model United Nations Program develops students knowledge of the international system and how states interact within it. Students will assume the role of a diplomat at Model United Nations conferences where they will be able to: develop interpersonal skills, negotiating abilities, critical thinking and problem solving but most importantly an appreciation for human diversity.  

Students wishing to participate should enroll in the fall POLS 4315 course. After course completion and demonstration of exemplary work and professionalism, students are eligible to attend Model United Nations conferences across the United States with the UT Tyler Model United Nations Program in the spring while enrolled in POLS 4316. Graduate students and select undergraduate students compete at international Model United Nations conferences. These students earn three hours of course credit (POLS 5330/POLS 4365) while broadening their global perspective and fostering appreciation for diversity and other cultures. 

The program is designed for both undergraduate and graduate students in all arts and sciences majors and anyone interested in learning about the United Nations. UT Tyler participates in both Southern Regional Model United Nations and the National Model United Nations Conferences. The Department of Political Science and History have recently sponsored conference participation in Olomouc, Czech Republic; Lillie, France; Rome, Italy; Seoul, South Korea; Galapagos Islands, Ecuador; New York, New York and many more. 

Presently, the Department of Political Science and History is supporting the efforts of UT Tyler Model United Nations Programs endeavor to host the first UT Tyler Model United Nations conference for local high schools throughout the East Texas area. UT Tyler undergraduate and graduate students are an integral part of the conference process. Students are responsible for the operation of the conference and are tasked with spreading their knowledge of the United Nations, the international system and current political events into their own successful mock conference for high school students. The inaugural conference is to be held April 25-26, 2016, at the University of Texas at Tyler. 


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