UT Tyler Criminal Justice Division

About the Division

The criminal justice division in the UT Tyler Department of Social Sciences offers the bachelor of science degree with a major in criminal justice and the master of science in criminal justice degree.

The BS degree in criminal justice offers a focused exposure to the complex aspects of crime and criminal justice from the sociological, psychological, public policy, legal and practitioner perspectives.

Courses in the UT Tyler program deal with crime and delinquency; the police, courts, corrections and cognate agencies; criminal law; relevant contemporary research; and ethical issues across the system.

Students are introduced to a variety of theoretical perspectives and competing viewpoints, and are equipped with the analytical and research tools for understanding and exploring issues in criminal justice.

Based on curriculum recommendations of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, the UT Tyler program provides superior preparation for careers in criminal justice and/or further study in graduate or professional school.

The MS degree in criminal justice is designed to meet educational needs of several types of students, including:

  • Existing and prospective criminal justice agency personnel who want to advance their knowledge and credentials in the field.
  • Students preparing for doctoral-level work.
  • Students preparing for community college teaching.
  • Students seeking more knowledge of crime and criminal justice.