University Committees

University Committees

The University of Texas at Tyler

University Committees for 2023-24 play an important role in supporting the mission, goals and priorities of The University of Texas at Tyler. The university committee structure is divided into two categories, executive and operational.

Executive committees are established by action of the president of the university, usually upon recommendation from the campus organization committee. This designation is not permanent, is reviewed annually, and is determined by the committee meeting at least one of the following two criteria:

  • The president identifies the committee as executive based on the alignment of the committee’s current work or charge with strategic initiatives and executive priorities.
  • The committee is mandated per UT System, State, or Federal rules and regulations and/or requires presidential approval to appoint members.

For more information about executive committees please contact chair of the campus organization committee, Stephanie Fenter, at

Operational Committees are typically established by an action of divisional leadership. This designation applies to all university committees that do not meet one of the criteria of an executive committee.

For more information about operational committees please contact the office most closely associated with the committee of interest.

Academic Affairs – | 903.566.7103

Health Affairs – | 903.877.7750

Student Success – | 903.566.7018

Administration – 903.566.7119

Research & Scholarship – | 903.565.5858