Quality Enhancement Plan

Direct assessment will use an adapted AAC&U Problem Solving VALUE rubric. The proposed direct assessment efforts are modeled after current and ongoing assessments of the Core Curriculum at UT Tyler. Interdisciplinary faculty scoring panels will be convened on a semesterly basis to assess artifacts, assessing approximately 20% of all collected artifacts. The six proposed student learning outcomes (SLO) include:

  • SLO 1: Construct a clearly defined problem statement with evidence of relevant real-world contextual factors.
  • SLO 2: Identify multiple approaches to address the problem within a specific real-world context.
  • SLO 3: Evaluate potential/proposed solutions based upon discipline-specific and real-world contextual factors.
  • SLO 4: Propose one or more solutions/hypotheses based upon discipline-appropriate support and/or evidence.
  • SLO 5: Implement the identified solution to address the problem.
  • SLO 6: Evaluate results/outcomes relative to the identified problem, with a discussion of further work within a real-world context.

Based on the Fall 2021 QEP Pilot Study baseline data, UT Tyler’s QEP criteria of success are as follows: