QEP Faculty


Quality Enhancement Plan

Meet the 2022-2023 QEP Faculty Leads!

These representatives serve on the University QEP Steering Committee and also lead their individual QEP College Teams, serving as a voice and advocate for their college. 

QEP Faculty leads communicate with their colleges regularly to provide updates and gather feedback, and collaborate with QEP instructors of record to ensure the QEP is implemented consistently across disciplines. They are instrumental in setting the QEP vision, evaluating QEP results, and ensuring faculty feel supported and heard.

College of Arts and Sciences:

Dr. Anett Jessop

Dr. Colin Snider

Dr. Lance Williams

College of Education and Psychology:

Dr. Staci Zolkoski

College of Engineering:

Dr. Michael Gangone

Health and Kinesiology:

Dr. Wycliffe Njororai Simiyu

School of Nursing:

Ms. Erica Conway | Vicki Jowell (interim)

Soules College of Business:

Dr. Mary Helen Fagan


Meet the the inaugural QEP Faculty Fellows!

The QEP Faculty Fellows Cohort supports the incorporation of real-world problem-solving learning strategies and curricular redesign across UT Tyler. Fellows gather regularly to learn and share real-world problem-solving teaching strategies, expand and diversify pedagogy, and enhance curriculum in support of the QEP. 

Dr. Marwan Al-Shammari, Marketing & Management
Dr. Kyung-Ah Byun, Marketing & Management
Dr. Brent Bill, Biology
Ms. Ashley Dalby, Health & Kinesiology
Ms. Christi Hawkins, Nursing
Ms. Vicki Jowell, Nursing
Ms. Cynthia Sherman, Education
Dr. Jennifer Wooldridge, Criminal Justice