Master in Fine Art, MFA

Master of Fine Arts Degree (Studio Arts)

Graduate Studies

Program Mission

The MFA in Studio Art provides the means for candidates to develop as contemporary visual artists. Through a conservatory approach, candidates acquire the skills necessary to create sophisticated aesthetic statements, master technical and formal interests, practice professional behaviors, and mature their understanding of form and content. Explorations in critical analysis, research methods, and contemporary theory are linked by extensive considerations of innovative problem solving. The MFA program provides the context in which students join elements into a holistic philosophical, aesthetic and practical knowledge of the discipline.


Courses of study include extensive critical analysis, research into contemporary art theory, innovative problem solving, aesthetics, and an exploration of the artist's role and interface with contemporary society.

Studio Art Career Guide 

MA/MFA Marketable Skills

Admission Requirements

Acceptance into the MFA program requires a positive recommendation by a faculty review committee, which meets at the time of the candidate’s MA thesis exhibition. The committee reviews the student’s progress upon the completion of 30 graduate hours taken within the MA in Art with an emphasis in Studio Art program. The committee will recommend the candidate continue with the Studio Art MFA coordinated degree program or finalize studies at the University with a completed MA degree.

Degree Requirements

Art History (6 hours)

Select two of the following:

  • ART 5343 - Graduate Studies in Greek and Roman Art
  • ART 5345 - Graduate Studies in Renaissance Art History
  • ART 5346 - Graduate Studies in Baroque and Rococo Art
  • ART 5347 - Graduate Studies in Nineteenth Century Art
  • ART 5348 - Graduate Studies in Art in America
  • ART 5349 - Graduate Studies in Twentieth-Century Art
  • ART 5390 - Selected Topics in Art

Studio Art Electives (15 hours)

Thesis/Exhibition (9 hours)

Additional Degree Completion Requirements

  • Students must receive a grade of “B” or higher in all graduate level coursework.
  • All students admitted into the program are required to undergo a Portfolio Review after the completion of 15 hours. Recommendations for actions will be at the discretion of the faculty. This review must be successfully completed before enrolling in additional hours. Students may be dismissed from the program if the faculty, upon Portfolio Review, deems the student’s progress not sufficient, or that the portfolio holds insufficient potential.