English Graduate Program

English Graduate Program

Department of Literature and Languages

Master of Arts in English

Study with award-winning faculty in literature, rhetoric/composition, and creative writing in a top-ranked English MA program with online and in-person options. Benefit from guided individual research in lieu of exam for graduation, teaching assistantships, advanced positions in the Writing Center, high placement of college-level teaching positions, and high acceptance into PhD programs with funding. Concentrations include 18-hour programs in College English Instruction and Digital Multimodal Design. 

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Sample Student Publications


Not to Keep: A Brother’s Story (Rebecca Johnson)

Journal Articles:

“Using Thoreau to Teach Tangibly” in The Thoreau Society Bulletin.
"A Veiled Inclusion: Safie as Mary Wollstonecraft in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein" in The Incredible Nineteenth Century.
“The Commercial Spirit and Changing New England" in The Robert Frost Review.
“Slovenes and Friuli as the Other in Hemingway” in Acta Neophilologica.
“Rappaccini’s Queer Daughter” in The Explicator.
“Emily Dickinson’s ‘Twas warm—at first—like Us—" in The Explicator.
“Siren’s Song: Phillis Wheatley’s Subversive Elegy” in The Explicator.


“Using Digital Tools to Immerse the iGeneration in Hemingway’s Geographies” in scholarly anthology, Hemingway in the Digital Age (Ken State UP)

Meet the English MA Director (Video)

The English MA program at UT Tyler is consistently a nationally top rank-ed graduate program with online and face-to-face options.

  • Guided individual research and publication in lieu of exam for graduation
  • Teaching under faculty supervision
  • Award-winning faculty in teaching and research
  • High placement in college-level teaching positions
  • High acceptance into PhD programs
  • Advanced positions in the Writing Center

Pursue your passion and specialty without additional coursework. 

  • 18- hour Milestone in College English studies prepares students for teaching college-level English
  • Digital Rhetoric and Multimodal Design Track for advanced digital research and writing design
  • Creative writing taught by published authors for teaching and writing literary genres
  • Digital study of Literature enhances mobility in today's Information age

Master of Arts in English- Total Credit Hours = 36

For more information contact Dr. Matt Kelly at englishma@uttyler.edu


English MA Marketable Skills

18-Hour Milestone in College English Studies

The Milestone in College English Studies consists of 18-hours (6 courses) all of which count toward the hours needed to complete a Master of Arts in English at UT Tyler. Course emphasis is on composition, literature, and research and theoretical frameworks for teaching college level English.

Note: Students pursing the Milestone in College English Studies must be concurrently admitted to the Master of Arts program in English or another master’s program at The University of Texas at Tyler. Students must complete a Milestone Permission Form and maintain a cumulative 3.5 GPA for Milestone courses.

Recognition of Completion

Recognition of the completion of the Milestone will be on the transcript in the form below -