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UT Tyler Department of Mathematics

The mathematics faculty at UT Tyler are very active in research, particularly in the areas of functional analysis/operator algebras, graph theory, and number theory/combinatorics. Faculty members in each group are listed below, along with specific research interests and either selected publications or a curriculum vitae for each. There is also significant overlap and collaboration across research groups.

Functional Analysis & Operator Algebras

David Milan

Research Interests: C*-algebras, groupoids, and inverse semigroups.

Selected Publications:

  • On a class of inverse semigroups related to Leavitt path algebras (with John Meakin and Zhengpan Wang), Advances in Mathematics, 384 (2021).
  • Condition (K) for inverse semigroups and Ideal structure of their C*-algebras (with Scott LaLonde and Jamie Scott), Journal of Algebra, 523 (2019), 119–153.
  • On inverse semigroup C*-algebras and crossed products (with Benjamin Steinberg), Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics, 8 (2014), no. 2, 485–512.

Graph Theory

Christina Graves

Research Interests: Reliability polynomials.

Curriculum Vitae


Stephen Graves

Research Interests: Infinite graph theory, extremal graph theory, chemical graph theory.

Curriculum Vitae


Number Theory

Katie Anders

Research Interests: Combinatorics and number theory, specifically digital representations and graph splines.

Curriculum Vitae


Madeline Dawsey

Research Interests: Combinatorics and number theory, specifically partitions and modular forms.

Curriculum Vitae


Joseph Vandehey

Research Interests: Number theory, ergodic theory, symbolic dynamics, continued fractions, normal numbers.

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