Marketable Skills

Marketable Skills

B.S. in Mathematics

The University of Texas at Tyler is committed to demonstrating the value of its degree programs by highlighting the specific marketable skills that each program endows upon its students. After completing the B.S. degree program in mathematics, our students can expect to have the following skills and abilities.

Soft Skills

  • Address challenging problems and issues through creative thinking, inquiry, innovation, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of information including numerical data or observable facts.
  • Respond in an ethical manner by connecting behavior, data, choices, and consequences to ethical theories.
  • Communicate ideas effectively through written, oral, and visual delivery modes.
  • Work effectively in teams.
  • Advance the human condition through learned international cultural competence, knowledge of civil responsibility, and a foundational knowledge of human behavior.
  • Understand and manipulate difficult concepts.

Hard Skills

  • Logical reasoning.
  • Modeling of real-world problems to obtain meaningful conclusions.
  • Computer modeling.
  • Statistical analysis of data.
  • Manipulate quantitative data.
  • Computational skills.
  • Pattern recognition.

What makes our program unique

  • Career supports throughout the entire degree program.
  • Small classes at the upper division level.
  • Community – including Math Club and Pi Mu Epsilon.
  • Friendly and caring faculty and staff.