Houston Engineering Center FAQs

Houston Engineering Center FAQ

UT Tyler College of Engineering

I need help planning when to transfer to UT Tyler and/or which classes I should take before applying; what should I do?

  • You should email hec@uttyler.edu to make a degree plan with an advisor. Be sure to mention which major you intend to study and include an unofficial copy of your college transcript. You can also set an appointment with an advisor to discuss the plan.

How do I apply to the UT Tyler Houston Engineering Center?

  • Apply to UT Tyler at applytexas.org. You will be able to indicate that you plan to attend the Houston Engineering Center on the ApplyTexas application. If you miss it or change your mind regarding which campus you plan to attend, simply email hec@uttyler.edu after you are admitted, and we will correct it.

How do I get admitted to the UT Tyler Houston Engineering Center?

  • The Houston Engineering Center does not have separate admissions requirements. Once you are admitted to UT Tyler, you are admitted to the Houston Engineering Center. 

What are the requirements to be admitted to UT Tyler?

Does being admitted to UT Tyler mean I am ready to start at the Houston Engineering Center?

  • Not necessarily. Although admission to UT Tyler is also good for the Houston Engineering Center, you must meet the prerequisites for the classes you want to take. Please contact our advisors at hec@uttyler.edu to review your transfer credits and see if you are ready to start with us.

What should I do once I have been admitted to UT Tyler?

  • Once you are admitted to UT Tyler, you should set up your UT Tyler student email account and then email hec@uttyler.edu to schedule an introductory advising appointment. 

Are all classes offered in Houston, or will we have to commute to Tyler for some?

  • All the necessary classes for these degrees can be taken in Houston.

How long does it take to complete a degree at the Houston Engineering Center?

  • Once the appropriate prerequisite courses are complete, it usually takes students two or three years at the Houston Engineering Center to complete their degree.

Is this an online degree program?

  • No, this is not an online degree program. Most courses will be offered in a traditional classroom and laboratory setting. You will be interacting with the UT Tyler faculty.

Can I attend part-time, or must I be a full-time student?

  • You may attend as a part-time student, but it will take longer to complete your degree.

What programs of study does UT Tyler offer at the Houston Engineering Center?

  • The Bachelor of Science programs that can be completed in Houston are civil engineering, computer engineering, construction management, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The Master of Science programs that can be completed in Houston are civil engineering, electrical engineering, engineering leadership and mechanical engineering.

Are minors available? 

  • The only minor offered directly by the Houston Engineering Center is in construction management. Students may also be able to complete a minor offered by other departments, such as computer science or business administration.

How much does it cost to attend UT Tyler’s Houston Engineering Center?

Are there scholarship opportunities for Houston students?

  • Yes, generally, scholarships are available to students independent of the campus they attend. They are awarded using the same criteria and process for students attending the Houston Engineering Center as those attending the main campus. UT Tyler’s Scholarship page is here: uttyler.edu/scholarships/. Our academic advisors can help you plan to transfer in a way that complies with the scholarship opportunities.

If I'm receiving financial aid at my current college, do I need to complete another financial aid application for UT Tyler?

  • If eligible, you should complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid each academic year. You will need to add UT Tyler's school code to your FAFSA so that UT Tyler can receive it electronically and process your financial aid offer. You can make corrections to your existing financial aid application by adding UT Tyler's school code (011163) and resubmitting it online. Your PIN will be required when adding a new school code. You may need to cancel funds with your other college, depending on when the transfer to UT Tyler is done. If this is needed, contact their financial aid representative.

Will the textbooks needed when attending UT Tyler on the campus in Alief be available at an HCC bookstore?

  • Yes, all the necessary textbooks will be available in the bookstore on the Alief campus.

What if I am an international student?

  • You will need to coordinate with your engineering college advisor to discuss recommended classes and your international advisor regarding your international documents. Any coursework you have taken in the U.S. will be handled the same as for our domestic students. International coursework is more difficult to evaluate. Visit the Office of International Programs for more information on the international admissions process, important deadlines and more. For international students, it is especially important to coordinate with an academic advisor in advance.

What if I already have a baccalaureate degree in another area?

  • We will evaluate your courses on a case-by-case basis for transfer. 

Can I get a second BS from UT Tyler if I already have a first BS in that discipline from another institution, either foreign or domestic?

  • No, you cannot get a degree in the same discipline, although you can in another. For example, a BS in mechanical engineering cannot get another BSME from us but can get a BS in civil engineering.

Who do I contact for more information?

  • For more information about The University of Texas at Tyler engineering programs in Houston, please contact hec@uttyler.edu.