Billing Compliance

The mission of UT Tyler Health Science Center is to serve Northeast Texas and beyond through excellent patient care and community health, comprehensive education, and innovative research. An integral part of this mission is the obligation of each member of the UT Tyler Health Science Center workforce to act lawfully and ethically, and to document and bill for medical services in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Billing Compliance Plan

Accordingly, UT Tyler Health Science Center has established a comprehensive Billing Compliance Plan to assist practitioners and workforce members with submitting accurate billing to federal, state, and private payer programs. This Plan is designed to ensure: appropriate oversight; organized and effective training; documented billing policies and procedures; continuous monitoring to prevent and detect non-compliance; and an avenue to report and investigate compliance concerns.

Philosophy and oversight of the Billing Compliance Plan are the responsibility of the UT Tyler Health Science Center Administration with the advice of the Medical Services Research and Development Plan (MSRDP) Board. Direct oversight of the plan is the responsibility of the MSRDP Compliance and Ethics Committee. The plan is applicable to clinical faculty and all other healthcare providers who are involved in the process of billing for professional health care services and/or hospital services provided by or through UT Tyler Health Science Center.




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