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Certificate in Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Sciences

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Certificate in Biomedical Sciences:

Earn a certificate in Biomedical Sciences from The University of Texas at Tyler School of Medicine! This is an individualized program which gives students an opportunity to strengthen their academic preparation for medical, professional, or graduate school by building on their foundation of basic scientific knowledge.

    • Complete the program through in-person classes at UT Tyler.
    • No GRE required to enter the program.
    • Minimum of 9 credit hours is required to earn a Certificate in Biomedical Sciences
    • Interdisciplinary program which allows students to enroll in courses from a variety of departments.

Certificate in Biomedical Sciences – At least one course from each group below and a Minimum of 9 credit hours (CH) is required to earn this certificate.

Group 1

Students will be able to compare the biology or physiology of healthy individuals to individuals with chronic disease.

    • Behavioral Neuroscience (PSYC 5352) – 3 credit hrs.
    • Advanced Human Growth and Development (PSYC 5320) 3 credit hrs.
    • Advanced Pathophysiology (NURS 5350) – 3 credit hrs.
    • Principals of Physiology, Pharmacology, and Pharmacogenomics (PHAR 7301) - 3 credit hrs.

Group 2

Students will be able evaluate the social, behavioral, and societal contributions to health and disease.

    • Social and Behavioral aspects of Community Health (PBHL 5344) – 3 credit hrs.
    • Seminar Death and Dying (PSYC 5380) - 3 credit hrs.
    • Epidemiology (PBHL 5342) – 3 credit hrs.
    • Nutrition Health and Disease (ALHS 5322) – 3 credit hrs.

Group 3

Students will be able to perform pharmaceutical calculations or outline key components and functions of biochemical or immunological pathways.

    • Pharmaceutical Calculations (PHAR 7201) – 2 credit hrs.
    • Principals of Microbiology and Immunology (PHAR 7202) - 2 credit hrs.
    • Molecular Biochemistry (BIOT 5312) - 3 credit hrs.