Jessica Coleman

Jessica Coleman

Senior Lecturer

Phone: 903.565.5889


Jessica Coleman

Jessica Coleman

Title: Senior Lecturer
Department: Biology
Building: BEP 114
Phone: 903.565.5889


University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, TX
M.S. in Biology: December 2006
Thesis: Basking habits of map turtles (Emydidae: Graptemys) along the Sabine River in East Texas

University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, TX
B.S. in Biology: May 2004

Kilgore Junior College, Kilgore TX
A.S.: May 2001


Ms. Jessica Coleman assumed her current position in September 2008.  During her tenure, she has been a dedicated Lecturer for the department of biology.  She currently teaches General Biology I and II.  In alternating years, she teaches two additional upper-division courses, which include: Ornithology and Conservation Biology.  In addition, she advises the student organization biologists of Tyler Texas (BOTT) and takes an active role in their organized events (e.g. BioBlitz 2019 & Arbor Day 2020).    

Ms. Coleman’s primary focus is teaching freshmen the basic concepts of science and laying the foundation for biological knowledge. She uses a variety of teaching strategies to enhance student learning and has attended several workshops to refine her chosen teaching strategies, which included: workshops that include strategies for teaching large undergraduate science courses, team-based learning, college & career readiness, and webinars for using student responses systems in.  In 2020, Ms. Coleman was awarded the Regents Outstanding Teaching Award by the UT System for her dedication to undergraduate education. Subsequently, she was inducted as a fellow into The University of Texas at Tyler Academy of Distinguished Teachers. She maintains an outstanding track record based on her student evaluations and ongoing success.

In her spare time, Ms. Coleman engages in field research while involving undergraduates to provide them the opportunity to learn proper research techniques. She finds that conducting research helps the scientific community while the field experience is an invaluable resource in the classroom. Ms. Coleman encourages her students to take an active role in learning science by a using hands-on approach.

Teaching Experience

University of Texas at Tyler – August 2008 to present

  • General Biology I (UT Tyler: 2008 – Present)
  • address the scientific study of life at the molecular and cellular levels including mechanisms of inheritance, development, and evolution.
  • General Biology II (UT Tyler: 2008 – Present)
  • addresses the scientific study of life at the organismal, population, and community levels including form, function, reproduction, taxonomy, systematics, ecology and evolutionary history of biodiversity.
  • Coordination of all General Biology I and II labs (UT Tyler 2008 – Present)
  • Coordinate all GTA’s for the General Biology labs that are conducted throughout the semester where I also write and determine the material taught.
  • Lab manual Publication with Fountained Press and TopHat
  • Ornithology and Lab (UT Tyler:  2011 – Present)
  • Address the study of birds in topics related to anatomy, physiology, ecology, and evolutionary history of birds. Several class discussions on current research in the field of ecology was conducted.
  • Conservation Biology (UT Tyler:  2012 – Present)
  • Addresses the areas in conservation biology that affect the maintenance, loss, and restoration of biological diversity. The impacts of global warming, species invasions and habitat destruction on biodiversity will be covered in this course. Special attention to current research, debate, and controversy will be discussed within this rapidly emerging field of study.  Students will be required to write a major review paper over a specific conservation topic, analyzing the current research conducted on their topic of choice
  • Introduction to Life Sciences I (UT Tyler:  Fall 2014 - 2017)
  • Life Science is a non-major course that I created at UT Tyler during Fall 2014 semester. It focuses on learning important facts about the natural world and understanding the significance of these facts within the context of major biological concepts.
  • Introduction to Life Sciences II (UT Tyler: Spring 2015 – 2017)
  • Life Science II is a non-major course I created at UT Tyler during the Spring 20215 semester.  It focuses on scientific study of life at the organismal, population, and community levels including form, function, reproduction, taxonomy, systematics, ecology, and evolutionary history of biological diversity.
  • Vertebrate and Natural History (UT Tyler: Spring 2008)
  1. This course introduced the taxonomy, evolution, and natural history of the vertebrates of the world with emphasis on North American and East Texas species.


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