Neil Ford

Neil Ford

Title: Professor - Retired
Department: Biology
Building: HPR 109
Phone: 903.566.7249


  • B. S. University of Kansas (Systematics and Ecology), 1973
  • M. S. University of Oklahoma (Zoology), 1976
  • Ph. D. Miami University, Oxford, Ohio (Zoology), 1979



1979-84 Assistant Professor of Biology, Univ. of Texas at Tyler
1984-1991 Associate Professor of Biology, Univ. of Texas at Tyler
1991-present Professor of Biology, Univ. of Texas at Tyler
1985-1997 Faculty Research Participant, Savannah River Ecology Lab, U. S. Dept. of Energy
1988-2000 Adjunct Professor, Southeastern Louisiana University
1989-present Director of the Ophidian Research Colony, U. T. Tyler
2000-2003 Mary John and Ralph Spence Distinguished Professor 


1985- Phenotypic plasticity in life-history traits of snakes

1979- Snake behavior
The role of pheromones in snake sociobiology
Context-related activity and behavior of snakes

1989- Established the Univ. Texas at Tyler Ophidian Colony
(self-sustaining research colony

1984 - Issues of conservation of snakes and east Texas habitats
Surveys and research as the Texas Parks and Wildlife at the Old Sabine Wildlife Management Area
Mussel surveys on east Texas Rivers


I have given over 50 presentations at scientific meetings and have written 62 scientific papers, 9 book chapters and one book on my research. I have been invited to present 20 talks at Universities and scientific meetings. I have presented 16 symposium talks and have organized 6 national and international symposia in my field of research.


1987 Joseph Laslo Award for Excellence in Research (S.A.H.S.)
1996 Elected Fellow of the Texas Academy of Science
2000 Mary John and Ralph Spence Distinguished Professor (U. T. Tyler)


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2007 Status of freshwater mussels in sanctuaries of the Sabine River Texas Parks and Wildlife State Wildlife Grant. $7,000 

2007 Research Opportunity Award grant from the National Science foundation. "Experimental study of the effects of energy availability on development rate and cellular markers of rate of aging in African house snakes, Lamprophis fuliginosis. $24,450. 

2008 (P.I. - L. Williams). Hydrologic and Geomorphic Controls on Fish, Mussel, and Riparian Vegetation Communities in the Upper Neches River Watershed. Texas Parks and Wildlife State Wildlife Grant. $51, 561