Venues: University Center

Space can be requested by registered student organizations, UT Tyler staff and faculty

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University Center

The University Center provides convenient, high-quality facilities and efficient services to support university programs. The building is the community center of campus and provides a shared home for the university, welcoming students, faculty, alumni, staff, parents and guests. The University Center is both a facility and a program designed to enrich campus life and advance the university’s educational mission.                               

Rooms in the University Center are available ONLY for university recognized student organizations, colleges, schools, and departments to use for meetings, events, and university business.

As per the Manual of Policies and Procedures for Student Affairs Sec. 2.6.104. Application, the following list includes groups and/or individuals in priority order for use of the University Center.

  • First Priority: UT Tyler Students
    1. Registered student organization meetings and events
    2. Major student events
    3. Student(s) seeking space for student group use (non-classroom related)
  • Second Priortiy: UT Tyler faculty, staff, and department programs
  • Third Priority: Alumni groups and programs associated with the educational mission of UT Tyler
  • Fourth Priority: All other groups and individuals

UT Tyler faculty and staff can request the University Center using Astra. Quick video tutorials can be found here.

Registered student organizations need to request space through Patriots Engage. Patriot Engage Training Video Tutorials are available if needed. VIdeo tutorials to Navigate Scheduling Grid in Astra are available as well.

Event Scheduling Guidelines for the UC and Outdoor Space

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