Faculty/Staff Resources & Tutorials

Faculty/Staff Resources & Tutorials

Resources & Tutorials for Faculty/Staff

General Enrollment

This section provides resources about class enrollment including permission codes, the repeat enrollment policy, and Quick Enroll.

Prerequisite and Perc Review Process

Quick Enroll

Permission Codes

Undergraduate Repeat Enrollment Policy

Graduate Repeat Enrollment Policy

Transient Enrollment

Bacterial Meningitis Policy

Probation & Suspension Policies

This section provides resources about the policies around academic probation and suspension for Undergraduate and Graduate students.

Undergraduate Probation/Suspension Policy

Graduate Probation/Suspension Policy

Adding "Probation Conference Complete" Indicator

Enrolling a Probation Student

Student Account Information

This section provides resources about information that will be found on a student's account such as service indicators and student groups.

TSI - Mandate Review and Effects on Students, Staff, and Faculty

Service Indicators and Holds

Student Groups

View Student Groups by Students


Student Records

This section provides information about a student's records.

Grade Changes

Grade Rosters

Canvas Rosters Import (Grade Passback)

Class Attendance Roster

Transcripts - Viewing & Printing

6 Drop Policy Review



This section provides information about FERPA policies.

General Policy Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Directory & Non-Directory Information

Review of Non-Disclosure and Student PIN - Student View

Student PIN Quick Reference & 3rd Party Authorization

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For Questions or assistance please reach out Records@uttyler.edu to receive assistance from our Record Specialists and the Student Records Operations and Enrollment Services, Director: Andrew Barnson. Please reach out early and often!