Department of Political Science

International Studies Minor

The minor in international studies is designed to increase the global awareness and cross-cultural sensitivity of graduates. Students may focus on one of the following five world regions: Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or Middle East; or one of the following three global topics areas: Global Conflict, Global Culture, or Global Economy.

This minor is an 18-hour program consisting of 1) a required core course, 2) one or two courses of upper-division directed electives dealing with global issues, 3) two courses in the world area or topic of concentration, and 4) a travel-study course. Courses taken to fulfill requirements for a major cannot be applied to the minor.

Students pursuing a minor in international studies are encouraged to complete 6-8 hours in a foreign language before graduation. Students wishing to pursue the International Studies minor should consult with a Political Science Advisor or in the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office.

Core course:

  • INTS 3300 Relations and Issues
  • Directed Electives: (3-6 hours)
  • Concentration area: (6 hours)

Latin America
Middle East
Global Conflict
Global Culture
Global Economy

  • Travel-Study Experience: (3-6 hours)