Student Union Advisory Committee Members

SUAC Members


Member Classification  Affiliation Term (9/1 - 8/31)
Korbin Hamner Student Student Organization - CAB 2020-2022
Braden Bobo Student Student Organization - Greek Affairs  2020-2022
Cameron Long Student Student Organization - SGA 2019-2021
Cassidy Rogers Student Graduate Student Rep. 2020-2022
Corinna Parker Student Athletics Student Rep. 2020-2022
Mackenzie Bernardino  Student Athletics Student Rep. 2019-2021
Cheyenne Stiggers Student Student Organization - BLAACK Patriots  2020-2022
Claire Lamberti Student Student-at-Large Rep. 2020-2022
David Penson Student Student-at-Large Rep. 2019-2021
Sooah Park Faculty Faculty Senate Rep. 2019-2021
Chuck Brown Staff Student Union Staff Rep.   
Ashlea Wilson Chair  Student Union Staff  
Dr. Jenny Waters Ex-officio Associate Dean of Student Success  
Andrew Pettee Ex-officio Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students   
Ona Tolliver Ex-Officio Vice President for Student Success  
Dr. Kimberly Laird Ex-Officio Vice President for Budget and Finance & CFO