UT Tyler Department of Mathematics

UT Tyler Department of Mathematics


The Department of Mathematics is here to make sure you are getting the advice you need for mathematics courses. Most people who need advice have one of the following common questions.

  • What course should I take for the core curriculum? What are the prerequisites?

Answer: The core curriculum at The University of Texas at Tyler has recently undergone revision. Currently, the best place for information on the core is your academic advisor. New freshmen and transfer students can find information on advising at the Academic Advising Center; upper division students should meet with their individual academic advisor within their department or program of study.

  • What scores do I need on the ACT, SAT, THEA, etc. in order to take college-level math courses like College Algebra, Business Math I, Math for Liberal Arts, or Statistics I? If my scores are not high enough to get me into one of these courses. What should I do?

Answer: See our page on algebra placement for detailed information on test scores and prerequisites for these courses.

  • I want to take Calculus I, but I do not meet the prerequisites. What should I do?

Answer: See our page on calculus placement for help. You can find information on test scores, the trigonometry placement exam, and resources to help you study for the exam.

  • I'm a mathematics major or I'm interested in becoming a mathematics major. What should I do? How do I get an advisor and a degree plan?

Answer: Incoming freshmen who wish to declare a math major should contact the department at math@uttyler.edu. The department's administrative assistant will assign you to a departmental advisor who can assist you in formulating a degree plan. In the meantime, you can also consult the four-year degree plan to get an idea of which courses you will need to take and when you should take them.

New transfers who wish to declare a math major should first consult with the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office at casadvising@uttyler.edu regarding transfer credit, and then contact the Department of Mathematics.

See our page on the undergraduate math program for more information, or contact one of the faculty members listed below.


Advising Contact

Lori R. Wages


Undergraduate Advising

Dr. Katie Anders
Associate Professor
RBN 4046
Phone: 903.565.5839
E-mail: kanders@uttyler.edu

Dr. J. Regan Beckham
Associate Professor
RBN 4012
Phone: 903.565.5839
E-mail: rbeckham@uttyler.edu

Dr. Maddie Dawsey
Assistant Professor
RBN 4048
Phone: 903.565.5839
E-mail: mdawsey@uttyler.edu

Dr. Christy Graves
Office: RBN 4013
Phone: 903.565.5839
E-mail: cgraves@uttyler.edu

Dr. Stephen Graves
Associate Professor
Office: RBN 4011
Phone: 903.565.5839
E-mail: sgraves@uttyler.edu

Dr. David Milan
RBN 4006
Phone: 903.565.5839
E-mail: dmilan@uttyler.edu

Dr. Joseph Vandehey
Assistant Professor
RBN 4004
Phone: 903.565.5839
E-mail: jvandehey@uttyler.edu



Graduate Advising

Dr. Nathan Smith
Associate Professor
Office: RBN 40007
Phone: 903.565.5839
E-mail: nsmith@uttyler.edu