Southwest Center for Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention and Education

Mission and Principles

Mission Statement
The mission of the SW Ag Center is to improve the safety & health of agricultural, forestry & fishing (AgFF) workers. This is accomplished through research, intervention & education projects that build and leverage a network of strategic partners who represent the diversity of the workforce and range of agricultural production in the region.

Guiding Principle
To support justified research that leads to action to improve the health and safety of the agricultural community.

Action Principles
The SW Ag Center can maximize its contribution to AgFF safety and health in a unique geographic region through work that incorporates:

  • Worker concerns that have regional or national significance
  • Specific, understudied populations in the region
  • Content, formats, and dissemination outlets that are tailored to the needs of workers
  • A multiplier effect to generate additional resources
  • The ability to reach additional audiences through collaboration
  • Sustainable interventions

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
The SW Ag Center is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion among Center leadership, staff, researchers, advisors, partners, and the populations served. Our center-level and project-level advisors guide and monitor research questions, data collection methods, analysis, the dissemination of results, and outreach efforts to ensure they represent the diverse AgFF workforce, including underrepresented groups.

Strategic Plan
The details of how we implement our mission and principles are outlined in our Strategic Plan.

Awards and Recognition
Learn about the awards and recognition that our team members have achieved in their effort to reduce occupational injuries and diseases among agricultural workers and their families.

Our Partners
Our partners help us accomplish our mission and principles through research, intervention & education projects that represent the diversity of the workforce and range of agricultural production in the region.

Check out our full bibliography for 2011-2027.

Annual Reports