SW Ag Center Faculty and Staff


Vanessa Casanova, PhD
David Douphrate, PhD, MPT, MBA, CPE, ASP
Kevin Moore, PhD
Jeffrey L. Levin, MD, DrPH, FACOEM
Amanda Wickman, MBA
Kayla Shelton, MBA
Shelbie Lambert, MPH
Sharon Newbill

Principal Investigators

Vijay Boggaram, PhD
David Douphrate, PhD, MPT, MBA, CPE, CSP
Shannon Guillot-Wright, PhD
Eva Shipp, PhD


Regional Advisory Committee

The Regional Advisory Committee is a diverse group that utilizes member’s experiences and skill sets to counsel and assist the Principal Investigators and staff. Advisors come from Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Iowa and Texas. The multidisciplinary group represents dairy, forestry, logging, commercial fishing, public health, engineering, health literacy, industrial hygiene, education, migrant and seasonal farmworkers and veterinary medicine.

Extension Advisory Team

The Extension Advisory Team is a diverse group that provides insight on upcoming outreach opportunities , reviews outreach educational materials, and informs center staff on persisting and emerging issues in agriculture. Advisors come from extension offices and land-grant universities across Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas.

Component Map

To view the Southwest Center for Agricultural Health, Injury Prevention and Education’s Component Map in PDF format, click here.