Ann C.

Ann C. Beebe

Professor of English

Phone: 903.565.5827

Literature and Languages

Ann C. Beebe

Ann C. Beebe

Title: Professor of English
Department: Literature and Languages
Building: CAS 250
Phone: 903.565.5827


  • Ph.D., English University of Kentucky 2000


Ann C. Beebe, Professor of English, specializes in early American literature with a sideline in 20th-century American literature.

She has taught a wide range of courses, including Freshman Composition (1301/ 1302), Freshman Year Experience, Writing Literary Analysis and Interpretation, Sophomore American Literature Survey, American Literature through the Romantics, 20th-Century American Literature, 20th-Century American Novels, Harlem Renaissance, Civil War Literature, American Short Story, American Renaissance, American Sentimental Novels, as well as graduate seminars on Wallace Stevens, Marianne Moore, Emily Dickinson, and Washington Irving.

She has published articles on Denise Levertov, Marianne Moore, Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, and Marianne Wiggins.

Selected Publications:

  • Edward Taylor’s ‘Meditation 2.56.’” The Explicator 66.2 (Winter 2008).
  • “Emily Dickinson’s ‘Immortal is an Ample Word.’” The Explicator 65.1 (Fall 2006): 36-39.
  • “Denise Levertov’s ‘Making Peace.’” The Explicator 63.3 (Spring 2005): 176-179.
  • “Marianne Wiggins.” Dictionary of Literary Biography: American Short Story Writers since 1945 (5th series). Volume 335. Ed. Patrick Meanor & Richard E. Lee. Detroit: Thomson Gale Publications, 2007. 311-317.
  • “Marianne Moore’s ‘Virginia Britannia’.” The Explicator 62.1 (Fall 2003): 26-29.
  • “Elizabeth Stuart Phelps (1815-1852).” Writers of the American Renaissance: An A to Z Guide. Ed. Denise D. Knight. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2003. 292-299.