UT Tyler Department of Mathematics

The Mathematics Department holds a weekly colloquium series consisting of research-level talks by UT Tyler faculty and outside speakers. The talks are aimed at a general audience and should be accessible to mathematics faculty, and in many cases, graduate students and advanced undergraduates. Colloquium usually takes place on Fridays from 12:20–1:15. Contact Prof. Alex Bearden ( for more information.

Spring 2022 Schedule




January 14 

Sheldon Davis

UT Tyler

The normal Reed space problem

January 28

Robert Curry

US Naval Academy 

Decomposition methods for solving large-scale network flow optimization problems

February 11   

Nikos Panagopolous

University of Houston 

Groups and operator algebras

February 25    

Akshat Das

University of Houston

An adelic version of the three gap problem

March 25

Joseph Vandehey

UT Tyler

Serendipitous decompositions for quaternionic continued fractions

April 8

Michael DiPasquale

University of South Alabama 

Exploring affine semigroups