Texas Number Theory and Combinatorics Seminar

UT Tyler/UT Rio Grande Valley

The Texas Number Theory and Combinatorics Seminar is organized jointly by the University of Texas at Tyler and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The seminar meets on Thursdays from 12:30–1:30 PM Central Time via Zoom. If you are interested in attending or presenting, please email Prof. Katie Anders at kanders@uttyler.edu.

Spring 2022 Schedule




January 20 

Maddie Dawsey

UT Tyler

A new partition statistic and applications 

January 27

Jena Gregory

UT Rio Grande Valley

Iterated generalized Rascal triangles

February 3

Tim Huber

UT Rio Grande Valley

Ramanujan type congruences, polytopes, and Klein forms 

February 10 

Joseph Vandehey

UT Tyler

Continued fractions...in the octonions!?

February 17

Anna Weigandt


The Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity of matrix Schubert varieties

February 24 

Florin Boca


Distribution of reduced quadratic irrationals

March 3

Hannah Burson

University of Minnesota

A new family of partition-theoretic objects

March 17

Hayan Nam

Duksung Women's University 

Several types of core partitions and related objects

March 24

Nick Andersen


The Hardy-Ramanujan-Rademacher formula for the partition function

March 31

Ryan Moruzzi

Cal State East Bay

Zero forcing and graph complements

April 14

Michael Penn

Randolph College

Vertex operator algebras and permutations

April 21

Simone Sisneros-Thiry

CSU East Bay

Refined counting of core partitions into d-distinct parts

April 28

Andrew Alaniz


Some new analogies in the local Langlands program


Fall 2021 Schedule




September 2 

Brandt Kronholm 


The unimodularity of Gaussian polynomials  

September 9 

Katie Anders

UT Tyler

Graphs admitting only constant splines over ℤ_m 

September 16  

Joseph Vandehey 

UT Tyler

Borel complexity of continued fraction normal, absolutely abnormal numbers 

September 23 

Dana Neidinger


Directed graphs from exact covering systems and non-standard digital representations of integers

September 30                  

Jeremiah Bartz

University of North Dakota

Good things come in threes

October 7

Rahul Kumar

Indian Institute of Technology

Theory of a zeta function arising from modular relations

October 14  

Claire Merriman

Ohio State

Cutting sequences of Lehner and Farey expansions

October 21 

Samet Sarıoğlan

Hacettepe University                 

Generalized splines over principal ideal domains

October 28

Grace Jaffe


A Frobenius perspective on the Stern sequence

November 4

Ankush Goswami

Indian Institute of Technology

Partial theta series with periodic coefficients and quantum modular forms

November 11

W.A. Zuniga-Galindo


Local zeta functions and string amplitudes, Part I

November 18

W.A. Zuniga-Galindo


Local zeta functions and string amplitudes, Part II