UT Tyler Registrar

Office of the Registrar

Academic Information

The Office of the Registrar maintains the academic records of all students of The University of Texas at Tyler.

This page contains detailed information about many academic processes and policies each UT Tyler student should be aware of. All students are encouraged to reference this page for assistance with their questions and easy access to important information.

Important Links

Academic Calendar: Key dates including census, last day to drop and final exams.

Catalog: Primary source for academic policy information.

Procedures for Changing Your Records

Address Changes

All current students at UT Tyler have the option to update their address information, including their diploma mailing addresses, in their Student Center in myUTTyler.

Students and alumni can also complete a Request to Change Student Record Information form to update their address on file with the University. The form can submitted at the One-Stop Service Center (STE 230). A copy of your photo ID is required for processing.

Name Changes

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for maintaining official student name records for The University of Texas at Tyler. All updates to students' official name records require submission of a completed Request to Change Student Record Information form accompanied by two forms of proper legal documentation that support the requested change. Prior to submitting this documentation, please carefully read the following guidelines.

  1. Acceptable Documents:
    1. Social Security Card
    2. Current, Valid U.S. Passport
    3. Current, Valid U.S. Armed Forces (Any Branch) Identification Card
    4. Marriage License/Certificate Bearing the Filing Stamp From the County or Parish in Which the Document was Issued
    5. Divorce Decree That Explicitly Grants a Name Restoration/Change; Must be Signed by the Presiding Judge and Embossed with the Appropriate County Filing Stamp
    6. Court Order Granting a Name Change; Must be Signed by the Presiding Judge and Embossed with the Appropriate County Filing Stamp
    7. Certificate of Naturalization
  2. Document Submission:
    In-person: Students may submit documents directly to the One-Stop Service Center (STE 230) at the main Tyler campus, or to administrative personnel at the Longview, Palestine, and Houston locations. A valid government or UT Tyler-issued photo ID must be presented at the time the documents are submitted. Copies of each document will be made, and the original(s) immediately returned.

    Mail: Original or court-certified copies may be mailed to the following address along with a copy of a valid government or UT Tyler-issued photo ID, and the student's signature. Students who wish the documents to be returned must also include a self-addressed, stamped envelope

    The University of Texas at Tyler
    Office of the Registrar, STE 230 
    3900 University Blvd.
    Tyler, Texas 75799

  3. Documents not in English:
    Students are responsible for providing a certified translation of any documents in languages other than English. Any/all costs associated with obtaining such translations are also the responsibility of the student.

  4. Driver Licenses:
    A driver license is not a valid form of supporting documentation for a new name change.

    A valid form of government issued photo ID must be presented in combination with two additional and separate forms of supporting documentation.

    Example Submission for name Change:
    Marriage License/Divorce Certificate (reflecting new name) + Social Security (reflecting new name) + Photo ID (reflecting new name).

  5. Special Cases:
    1. Middle Names: Students may opt to change their previously-documented middle name to a middle initial (i.e. change "Sue" to "S.") without legal documentation.
    2. Hyphenated Last Names: Students may request a hyphenated last name only if that format is explicitly supported by both forms of legal documentation.
    3. Suffixes: Students may request the addition of generational suffixes (e.g. Jr., Sr., III, etc.) only if that value is explicitly supported by both forms of legal documentation supplied for the name change.
    4. Prefixes/Honorifics: UT Tyler does not list any form of prefixes or honorific titles as part of student name records.
  6. Commencement and Diplomas:

    Name changes for degree candidates must be completed no later than the Final Filing Deadline to be reflected in the commencement program, and no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the End of Term date of the semester of graduation to be reflected on the original diploma. See the Academic Calendar for these dates.

  7. Verifying Your Name Data:

    1. Students can verify how their name is listed in myUTTyler records by any of the following means:
      1. View the unofficial transcript via Student Center.
      2. Request confirmation in person at the One-Stop Service Center (STE 230) or via email from your Patriot email account to enroll@uttyler.edu.

  8. Name Change Restrictions for International Students:

    International students' names must exactly match what is listed on the passport issued by their home country, and may only be changed based on an updated version of that document. All other documentation and name change reasons listed on this page, or elsewhere, are not applicable.

  9. Non-Student University Employees:

    All persons employed by UT Tyler must submit name change requests to the Office of Human Resources, subject to that office's guidelines.

  10. Student Employees:

    All students who work for the University and receive a paycheck or stipend from UT Tyler must follow the Office of Human Resources name change procedures. For such students their employee status takes precedence for name records.

  11. Error Correction Procedure:

    If, upon review of their information, a student believes an error has occurred with how their name has been entered into myUTTyler, an email should be submitted to enroll@uttyler.edu from the student's Patriot email account explaining the issue. Any such email should be titled 'Name Entry Issue' so the request can be readily identified and forwarded. Once the issue has been researched, a reply will be sent to the student's Patriot email account to notify them of any findings, and any action required on their part.

Changes to Degree Plan

Undergraduate students must meet with their Academic Advisor(s), and complete the appropriate document(s) from the Forms Library Page, to make changes to degree plan items including their major, minor, and emphasis/specialization area, or which Catalog version they are following for any of these items. For specific policy information, please refer to the UT Tyler Catalog.