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Catalog Year

Basic Information

The University of Texas at Tyler publishes a new Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog annually, with each Catalog beginning in Fall and ending in Summer of the relevant academic year. Prior to Fall 2014, Catalogs covered two academic years. The Catalogs themselves are commonly referred to according to the range of years they cover such as 08-10, 10-12, 14-15, etc.

Catalog Year Defined

Each student at The University of Texas at Tyler enters their studies subject to requirements set forth in the Catalog in effect at the time of their admission to the university. This year, combined with the specific term the student first began taking classes at UT Tyler, is referred to as the student's Catalog Year. Unless a student changes their Catalog Year, or has it changed upon a later readmission, the graduation requirements set forth in their original Catalog will be used to determine their requirements and eligibility for graduation.

  • Ex. A new freshman starting in Spring 2015 entered under the 2015-16 Catalog, and their Catalog Year is Spring 2015. This is subject to all requirements set forth in the 2015-16 Catalog for their degree, Core Curriculum and other relevant items.

Voluntary Catalog Year Change

Students may change their Catalog Year for their Core Curriculum requirements, major, or minor voluntarily to any Catalog that has become available since their time of admission. Students are required to consult with their academic advisor and have them sign off on all such changes to assure their degree plans are updated accordingly.

Automatic Catalog Year Changes:

If a student has not enrolled at UT Tyler for one full academic year, readmission to the university is required. Students who complete a readmission application are admitted under the Catalog in effect at the time of readmission and will be subject to all requirements under that Catalog.

  • Ex. Three consecutive terms without enrollment constitute a full academic year of non-attendance and will require readmission. The three Summer sessions together count as one term.

A Catalog over six years old may be used to determine requirements for a degree only if the student has been enrolled continuously in Fall and Spring terms. If a student has not been continuously enrolled in this manner, their degree requirements will be evaluated under the oldest Catalog for which they are eligible.

  • Ex. If a student listed under the 2002-2004 Catalog applies for graduation in Fall 2010, and they did not attend the Fall 2006 term, they will not be eligible to have their degree requirements evaluated under the 2002-2004 Catalog. By default their requirements would be evaluated under the 2006-2008 Catalog, which is the oldest Catalog available as-of Fall 2010.