UT Tyler Registrar

Office of the Registrar

Double Majors and Double Degrees

Students wishing to complete coursework toward a second field of study, but who feel a minor is insufficient for the second field, may declare either a double major or double degree. The policies below explain the distinction between the two in detail. Students should review both and consult with an academic advisor for each field of study prior to declaring either a double major or double degree.

Once a student is prepared to declare their double major or double degree, Change of Major forms must be completed and submitted to the Enrollment Services Center (STE 230).

Double Major

Students at UT Tyler may earn a degree with a double major by completing all requirements set forth by each major. No fewer than 12 semester credit hours in each major field of study must be completed in residence at UT Tyler. Students in pursuit of a double major must meet with an advisor for each major. Both advisors must be made aware the student is in pursuit of a double major so a combined degree plan may be created to satisfy all requirements for both majors.

To qualify as a double major, both majors must end with the same degree type (B.A., B.S., B.B.A., etc) and be awarded in the same semester. If the two majors end in different degree types, the two majors do not constitute a double major; two majors that do not share a common degree type constitute a double degree (see Double Degree text in the Catalog). If a student in pursuit of a double major chooses to graduate with one major before completing both, then the second major will become a second baccalaureate degree (see Second Baccalaureate Degree text in the Catalog).

Students earning a degree with a double major will receive a single diploma stating their degree (ex. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, etc.) and listing both majors. The transcript will show a single degree posting which lists both majors.

Double Degree

To qualify for a double degree (for, example, a BA degree and a BS degree), a student must complete the major requirements for both degrees as stated in the catalog. Students seeking a double degree should consult with advisors for each degree. Both degrees must be completed in the same semester, and two separate graduation applications must be submitted.

Students earning a double degree will receive a diploma for each degree. The transcript will show separate degree postings for each degree earned.