UT Tyler Registrar

The Office of the Registrar

Restricting Your Information

Students may have all directory information withheld by notifying the Enrollment Services Center in writing by the Census Date of each semester. To access the directory information non-disclosure form, follow this link.

If the student restricts the release of directory information, a notation is placed in the student record system and no information can be released on that student. Requests for non-disclosure will be honored by the institution until the student notifies the Enrollment Services Center in writing that directory information may be released.

Students should be aware that opting out of directory information does not grant the right to remain anonymous in the classroom, either in person or in a distance education classroom. Nor does it prevent an institution from requiring him/her to wear, to display publicly, or disclose a student ID card or badge.

Prospective graduates will not be listed in the Commencement program if a request to withhold directory information has been filed. To have their name added to the Commencement program a student must submit a request to be included in that particular publication, in writing, to the Enrollment Services Center.

For more information see The University of Texas at Tyler online catalog or the Registrar's website.

Any questions concerning FERPA may be asked in person at the Enrollment Services Center (STE 230), by telephone at 903.566.7180 or by e-mail at enroll@uttyler.edu.

Note: Only non-Directory and general policy/procedure information may be provided in response to inquiries via telephone or any non-Patriots email.

The University of Texas at Tyler and the Office of the Registrar will exercise discretion in the release of all Directory Information.