UT Tyler Registrar

The Office of the Registrar

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Current Students and Alumni

UT Tyler students and alumni have the option to setup a personal identification number (PIN) to facilitate secure communications with UT Tyler school officials by phone. By providing their PIN and student ID number during a phone call, students, alumni, and student-designated third parties are able to be positively identified and access/discuss non-Directory information.

Once a PIN has been established, it will remain on file with the University indefinitely, unless removed by the student (or alumnus) / at the student's request.

  • Active students can setup, change, or delete their PIN via the Student Center page in myUTTyler; detailed instructions for this are available on the One-Stop's Tutorial page. The PIN can be changed, or removed, at any time.
  • Alumni can setup, change, or delete their PIN by completing a Personal Identification Number Update Form here, and either submitting it in-person to the One-Stop (STE 230), mailing or emailing a notarized copy to the Office of the Registrar at:


STE 230
3900 University Blvd.
Tyler, TX 75799


Access for Designated Third Parties

  • Students and alumni may grant permission to release select non-Directory information to one or more designated third parties by completing an Authorization for Disclosure of Student Educational Records, and mailing or emailing the notarized form to the address above, or by bringing it in person to the One-Stop located at STE 230 on the main Tyler campus. Houston, Longview, and Palestine area students and alumni can also submit this form to UT Tyler personnel at the UT Tyler campuses in those cities. Only the student or alumnus may submit this form.
  • Students may update or change the list of persons designated for access at any time.
  • Student-designated third parties must provide both the student's ID number and student-created PIN to access non-Directory information when communicating via phone or email. A third party that is not correctly identified and verified, will be denied.
    • Students are responsible for providing this required information to their designated third parties.


NOTE: Students should never share their PIN with anyone other than a UT Tyler school official or designated third parties they wish to have access to discuss their FERPA-protected information.

The University of Texas at Tyler and the Office of the Registrar will exercise discretion in the release of all directory information.