Student Appeals

Office of the Registrar

Student Appeals

Submitting an Appeal to the Student Appeals Committee:

If an extraordinary situation other than grades adversely impacted your educational progress, you may submit an Application for Appeal form to have your appeal request considered by the Student Appeals Committee.

All appeals submitted for consideration by the Student Appeals Committee, unless specifically noted as meeting an exception or special circumstance outlined on the Application for Appeal form, must include each of the following:

  • A typed statement including the specific extenuating circumstance(s) leading to the appeal, and the specific outcome the student wishes the Committee to consider granting.
  • A current degree plan, signed by the student's academic advisor, with the expected graduation term noted.
  • Thorough documentation to support each extenuating circumstance noted in the typed statement.

Students should take the necessary time to document their appeals thoroughly before submission to the Enrollment Services Center (STE 230). As each appeal and the extenuating circumstances leading to them are unique, each student must arrive at their own decision about which documentation they feel best documents their claims and supports their appeal.

Appeals submitted without appropriate documentation (and those submitted with no documentation) may be subject to automatic denial, as noted on the Application for Appeal form.

Students will receive an email notification at their Patriots student email account regarding the outcome of their appeal after the Student Appeals Committee has reached its decision.