UT Tyler Registrar

Office of the Registrar


Please refer to the Grading System section of the Catalog for the full policy regarding the calculation of the UT Tyler grade point average (GPA), and the Items of Note section below for additional information.

Items of Note

  • GPA values are truncated at two decimal places - no rounding is done prior to truncation.
  • Cumulative GPA values do not "reset'' if a student begins a subsequent program on the same career (undergraduate or graduate), such as a second baccalaureate or post-master's certification program. The cumulative GPA on each student's undergraduate or graduate record will reflect all coursework taken at that level, regardless of which program the the coursework was associated with.
  • Degree GPA values, which are part of the degree posting block on each student's transcript, are stand-alone items representing the cumulative GPA at the time each degree was awarded. As such, they do not change as a result of any future coursework on the same career.