UT Tyler Registrar

Office of the Registrar

Probation & Suspension

Full policy information on Academic Probation and Suspension for UT Tyler students can be found in the University Catalog.

Probation and Suspension forms are required for students to enroll while on Academic Probation/Suspension. Once completed, Probation/Suspension forms must be submitted at the One-Stop Services Center (OSC, STE 230) for processing.

  • Note: An enhanced version of the Suspension form that includes a thorough review of student accounts for enrollment-related holds by Office of the Registrar personnel is available at the One-Stop Services Center (STE 230); this version is not available online.

Students may not appeal Academic Suspension status and must observe any period of non-enrollment at UT Tyler as described in the Catalog.

  • Note: UT Tyler places no restrictions on students completing transient enrollments at other campuses while observing a mandatory period of non-enrollment at UT Tyler. Students taking such transient coursework are still responsible for completion of transient enrollment forms, in consultation with their academic advisor(s), to assure any such courses will transfer back to UT Tyler.