UT Tyler Registrar

Office of the Registrar

Student E-mail Policy

Upon acceptance for admission to UT Tyler, all students are issued a unique Patriot Email address, which will be the official email communication method during their academic careers at UT Tyler.

Students are responsible for checking their Patriot Email account regularly, and should be aware of the following items regarding email communications with the University:

  • Communications containing information protected under FERPA may only be discussed via students' Patriot Email accounts. Accordingly, all official communications from the University will be sent to the Patriot Email account.
  • All official communications and requests from students regarding their academic career at UT Tyler must be made using the Patriot Email account. Student communications originating from any other email account will not be considered to be official communications, and cannot be honored until they have been re-sent from the Patriot Email account.
  • The Patriot Email account serves as the communication source for all UT Tyler learning management systems.

For more information about Patriot Email or to access your account, select Patriot Email under UT Tyler Logins at the top of the UT Tyler website.