Graduation Application Checklist

Office of the Registrar

In order to graduate, a student must fulfill graduation requirements as established in the catalog in effect at the time of their matriculation or, if the student has formally elected to adopt requirements from a subsequent catalog, then the requirements from that catalog must be fulfilled. Requirements from a catalog over six years old may be used to determine requirements for a degree only if the student has been enrolled continuously in all fall and spring terms each year.

Pre-Graduation Advising

All students should meet with their academic advisor(s) regularly. A pre-graduation review prior to the semester in which they plan to file for graduation is especially important to verify students are on track to graduate and have no outstanding items beyond their final semester or course work still pending.

Apply for Graduation

All UT Tyler students must formally apply for graduation. Failure to do so will result in a student not being reviewed for, or awarded their degree.

Access the detailed How-To Apply for Graduation Guide for a step by step instruction on how to complete the application process.

Prior to applying for graduation, students are required to pay the $30 Graduation Application Fee per degree, non-refundable. See the above How to Apply for Graduation Guide for payment instructions.

*Effective September 1st, 2022, students are required to pay the $75 Graduation Application Fee per degree, non-refundable. See the above How to Apply for Graduation Guide for payment instructions.

  • Students who are completing dual degrees (e.g. MBA + MSN or BSN + BA) must pay a separate fee for each degree.
  • Double Major (BA in Psychology + BA in Art) students earning a single degree pay only one fee.
  • Students who have received a graduation application denial must pay a new graduation application fee when re-applying.
  • Students completing non-degree certificate programs do not pay this fee or complete the standard graduation application for processing. See your academic department advisor for directions on completing a certificate program.

Graduation Term

Opening Date

Closing Date


June 1

March 1


September 15

June 15


January 2 

October 1


Late Graduation Application

If you have missed the final filing deadline for your graduating term, please contact

As a late graduation applicant you will be required to comply with the following items:

  • Obtaining College Dean approval for the late graduation application
  • Paying the $30 Graduation application fee and $5 Alumni Association Gift. 

*Effective September 1st, 2022, students are required to pay the $115 Late Graduation Application Fee per degree, non-refundable. See the above How to Apply for Graduation Guide for payment instructions.


Graduation Term

Opening Date

Closing Date


March 2

End of Term


June 16

End of Term


October 2

End of Term


There will be no Late Graduation Applications accepted after the end of term deadline. If a student is requesting to graduate after the end of term deadline they will be directed to the next term for graduation.


Graduation Application Status & Review Process

Your graduation application status will remain “in review” until your degree is conferred at the end of the graduating term. If there are any issues with your graduation application you will either be notified from your department advisor or the Office of the Registrar regarding how best for it to be resolved.

Your graduation application will go through several review steps along the way:

  1. Initial review by the Office of the Registrar
  2. Department Advisor
  3. Department Chair
  4. College Dean
  5. Final review by the Office of the Registrar.
  6. Degree Conferral Processing 

*If you are completing your degree requirement at the end of a session (ex: 6 week I or 7 week I), your degree will not be conferred until the end of the graduating term (15 week). 

Verify Diploma Name

All diplomas ordered for graduating students will be printed with the "Diploma" name listed on the student's myUTTyler account. 

  • If there is no diploma name listed, the students' "Primary" name will be printed on the diploma.
  • Any changes made after the above deadlines to the "Diploma" or "Primary" names will not be reflected on the students' printed diploma and will be the students' responsibility for any charges to have their diploma reprinted with the requested changed name.

Diploma Name Change Deadline 




April 1

July 1

November 1


Verify Diploma Mailing Address

Diplomas will be sent the the diploma mailing address on the students' myUTTyler account via FedEx Home Delivery mail.

  • Students are responsible for ensuring that their diploma mailing address is up to date in the their myUTTyler student account by the set deadline.


  • Do not list a P.O. Box or Military Base Box as your diploma mailing address.


  • Any changes made after the below deadlines to the "Diploma" mailing address will not guarantee the students' diploma will be sent to that address. Please contact to ensure that your diploma address was updated correctly. 

Diploma Mailing Address Change Deadline 




May 1

August 1

December 1


Clear Account Holds

Diploma(s) will not be released to students with either of the following outstanding holds on their account.

  • Financial Hold
    • To resolve any financial holds please contact Student Business Services, 903.566.7180 or, to resolve this hold.
  • Exit Loan Counseling Hold

External Transcripts & Incomplete Grades

All final external official transcripts must be submitted, Incomplete "I"/ In-progress "IP" grades and grade changes must be resolved by the thirty (30) calendar day deadline from the end of term date. 

Patriot Email

Be sure your Patriot email password will not expire shortly after you graduate and that you check this email as we will still be in contact with you after the end of your graduating semester is over. 


For additional questions or issues, please contact