Office of the Registrar


Students seeking an Apostille and requiring certification of their official transcripts and/or diploma must contact the Enrollment Services Center (STE 230) and request an appointment with the Registrar. Due to the need to coordinate any such meeting with the schedules of the Registrar, the student and a Texas notary public, please allow for a minimum of two business days for all required processes to be scheduled and the certification(s) to be completed. Students should be aware that the process may take more than two business days and should be aware that it is their responsibility to allow ample time for the process to be completed before any pending deadlines/due dates.

Students must be present at the time of the appointment and certification and are responsible for supplying the documents to be certified. The University has staff members certified as notaries public, so there are no notary fees associated with this specific process.

Please note that for diploma certifications, if a replacement diploma order is required, the minimum completion time for the process is increased to four to six weeks due to the order time for replacement/duplicate diplomas. Also note that replacement/duplicate diplomas have an associated fee of $25.

Additional information about Apostilles can be found on the Texas Secretary of State's website.