FERPA Personal Identification Number

FERPA Personal Identification Number


The FERPA authorization page is available within the myUTTyler Student Center.

Please set up a Personal Identification Number (PIN) before contacting the One-Stop, or any campus faculty or staff, so that we can confirm your identity. You may also provide  access for Trusted Third-Parties (parents, spouses, etc.) so that others may speak with University Personnel on your behalf.

Information regarding a student account is private. Disclosures will not happen without two-factor verification of the STUDENT ID NUMBER and PIN. The FERPA Personal Identification Number allows students and trusted third-parties to gain access to student account information over the phone. Contacts must provide both points of verification: the Student's ID number and the Student's PIN. In order to discuss information about the student account, it is the student's responsibility to give the required information to the third-party.

Inquirers will not be able to gain access to FERPA protected information without the Student ID and PIN. The student is able to authorize individual levels of access for each person on their authorized list of trusted third-parties within their PIN page in the myUTTyler Student Center.



Listed below are links to our FERPA policy, FERPA PIN instructional video, instructional form, and the myUTTyler Student Center.