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UT Tyler Office of Academic Support

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Office of Academic Support is to provide support programs for students that will improve individual performance and academic achievement through a variety of peer tutoring and mentoring programs. These programs exist primarily to help mold students into independent learners and aid in the development of effective study habits that will enhance overall academic success. 


Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions are voluntary, regularly scheduled study groups that support some of UT Tyler's more difficult courses. Courses are identified in the course schedule each semester and study sessions are led by faculty-identified students who have previously completed the courses successfully and are trained to facilitate sessions. Information on successful note taking, study strategies, test preparation along with course content are emphasized within the SI sessions. UT Tyler students who have participated in SI sessions have consistently demonstrated improved grades as well as course completion success.

For more information about Supplemental Instruction please call 903.565.5549 or email supplementalinstruct@uttyler.edu


PASS Tutoring Center

The PASS (Patriot Academic Success Services) Tutoring Center is a free walk-in tutoring center, with an individual appointment option, for current UT Tyler students. Support for numerous courses are being offered in a variety of subjects. Those chosen for coverage are selected because of their historically high failure and withdrawal rates at UT Tyler.

The Free Tutoring Schedule can be accessed by following this link.

For more information please call 903.565.5964 or email tutoring@uttyler.edu.


PASSages Program

The PASSages Program at UT Tyler has been established for first-time full-time freshmen and is designed to help students achieve academic success. PASSages is required during the first semester for students who fall into either of the categories listed below:

A. Students enrolling with ACT/SAT scores and high school rankings below UT Tyler’s published admission criteria; and/or

B. Students enrolling as ‘liable’ or ‘not satisfied’ according to published state standards for TSI compliance.


MAPS (Mentoring and Advising Patriots for Success) Program

Probationary students who are first-time, full-time freshmen will be required to participate in academic support programs such as Mentoring and Advising Patriots to Success (MAPS). Failure to participate in the required program(s) may result in additional registration restrictions. First time, full time freshmen need to consult with their academic advisor to plan appropriate support programs and to determine the steps necessary for compliance.  MAPS will include success seminar participation as well as regular mentor meetings.  

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