We are here to help you.

The One-Stop provides seamless and integrated services for admissions, records, enrollment, financial aid, scholarships, and student billing. We are available to assist students at any stage in their education by phone, email, live chat, or visiting us in person. 

The One-Stop has cross-trained specialists ready to save our prospective and current students an average of 7 trips to 7 different departments compared to other universities! Our concierge focus is here to facilitate a successful student experience!


Important News!


  • FA Disbursements begin today and will continue to roll out to student through Friday.
  • REFUNDS Begin ONLY after Classes Start. PLEASE be sure to set your Refund Preference
  • Hello Students! Please note that Financial Aid Loans cannot disburse to student accounts without an MPN and ENTRANCE LOAN COUNSELING
  • All students are now required to have set up a FERPA PIN to discuss information regarding your account through all forms of communication beyond communication in-person and communication through your patriot email. For information about the FERPA PIN click here and for guidance on setting your own up see our Tutorial Library.
  • PARKING PERMITS for Students currently are only available August 21st-25th in the UC Ballroom!
  • Our current Phone Wait is approximately 2 hours. Please send an email to or Live Chat us for a quicker service experience, or come visit us in person! You may be able to skip the line entirely by checking our Tutorial Library!