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Withdrawals for All Students

Prior to the first day of classes, students should conduct all drops online via their Student Center in the myUTTyler system. This functionality is disabled once classes begin for each term. 

Partial and Complete Withdrawals

From the first day of classes through the Last Day to Withdraw, students may process a partial withdrawal (dropping from one or more but not all of their classes) or complete withdrawal (all classes in a term) via the online Course Drop or Withdrawal Request Form, available via the link at the bottom of this section, and processed fully online. Drops/withdrawals after Census Date and before the Last Day to Withdraw will result in a grade of W. Courses dropped prior to Census Date won’t appear on the student’s record or the transcript.  Emailed, mailed, or faxed requests will not be processed.  

All drops/withdrawals are final once processed. Students should take care to complete their web-form accurately prior to submission for processing; use of data available in the Student Center page and/or on a copy of the student's transcript is strongly recommended.

  • All drop/withdrawal requests will be processed as of the date the request is submitted via the web-form.
  • If more than one form is submitted, each submission will be processed as of the date submitted.
  • Students may not officially withdraw from a course after the "Last Day to Withdraw," as listed on the Academic Calendar. Late submissions will not be processed. Students who miss the withdrawal deadline or cease to complete work toward their courses after this point will automatically receive an F, or whatever grade they would earn based on their already completed work in the course.

Dropping or withdrawing from classes may affect financial aid eligibility, veteran's benefits, athletic eligibility, housing, or international student status. Students must consult with those departments prior to dropping or withdrawing. 

All partial withdrawals by undergraduate students seeking their first baccalaureate degree are subject to the provisions of the 6-Drop Rule, except as noted here; students who have exceeded the number of allowed non-exempt drops under the 6-Drop Rule will be ineligible to complete partial withdrawals. Complete withdrawals for undergraduate students seeking their first baccalaureate degree, and all withdrawals by other student populations, are exempt from the 6-Drop Rule. 

Students who feel their ability to withdraw was negatively impacted by circumstances beyond their control, or those who believe they may qualify for an exception under the 6-drop Rule, may submit an appeal to the Student Appeals Committee. 


Withdrawals for Pharmacy Students 

Pharmacy students must follow the procedures outlined by the College of Pharmacy Office of Academic Affairs.


Withdrawals for Accelerated Business Administration M.B.A. (7 Week Program) Students

Please note carefully when your withdrawal dates occur -  the Accelerated Business Administration M.B.A. (7 Week Program) follows a different academic calendar than the traditional MBA program. Withdrawal and refund information can be located by viewing the Tuition tab on the page for each student's program on the https://online.uttyler.edu/ website.


Withdrawals for International Students, Veterans, Student Athletes, Scholarship Recipients, and Students with Financial Aid Awards

International students, veterans receiving VA benefits, student athletes, scholarship recipients, and any students who have been awarded financial aid wishing to submit any withdrawal form must obtain the appropriate approval during the online processing of the form.  Housing and Student Business Services will be notified after the withdrawal has been processed.

Students in these groups must consult with the appropriate advisor before any schedule changes are made, as changes may negatively impact their status, benefits or eligibility. 


Medical Withdrawal/Course Load Reduction

Please refer to the Medical Withdrawal / Course Load Reduction page hosted by Student Affairs for details on UT Tyler's policy regarding withdrawals for medical and/or mental health reasons. 

  • Note that this process is separate from both the standard drop procedures and submitting an appeal to the Student Appeals Committee.


Click here to access the Course Drop or Withdrawal Request Form


For Information about submitting the online Course Drop or Withdrawal Request Form, please contact the Enrollment Services Center:

Phone:  903-566-7180

Email: enroll@uttyler.edu

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